Founded in 1996, ADS, formerly Avionics Design Services, was initially an avionics design and certification organization. Our goal then was providing cost-effective, efficient design and certification solutions to aircraft operators in Canada and around the world—and it continues today.  We’ve seen some unique challenges in our 25+ years, and we’ve hired people with the right stuff. Starting small, we soon expanded to British Columbia and Alberta and we added an office in Toronto to better serve customers there.

Since we opened our doors, we have done approvals around the globe with projects that span Singapore to the Netherlands, Russia to Brazil, Argentina to Australia, and South Africa to Iceland, the United States and many more. All the while, we’ve been building strong relationships with the world’s aviation authorities.

We love a challenge, and no job is too unusual or difficult for us. Our reputation for quality and service speaks for itself.

After two decades working with our partner Mid-Canada Mod Center, we became part of the MC2 family. It only makes sense that the most innovative and successful avionics maintenance and modification shop would be the best fit for ADS.