The range of aircraft flight decks we’ve seen is virtually endless. We’ve been upgrading and modernizing instrumentation for more than 25 years with systems from aviation’s most respected instrument providers including: Garmin, Universal Avionics, Collins Aerospace and more. Whatever your aircraft type, we’ll work to ensure that your new flight deck will add functionality, reduce maintenance cycles and enhance safety.

Working with our partners at Mid-Canada Mod Center, we’ll have you wheels-up with an effective, efficient solution.

Here’s how we’ve served clients just like you:

Metroliner III - Garmin 950

Troublesome, antiquated instruments are no help to pilots. They are often not easy to repair, they erode efficiency and safety. This extensive cockpit retrofit solved many issues.

Cessna 650 - Flight Deck

We work with a variety of partners to develop safe innovative solutions for flight deck modernizations. This one includes an updated STC, enhanced emergency back-up power and a modified interface to accommodate a new Collins radio system.

Cessna 550 - Proline 21

Working with our partner, and preferred service center, Mid-Canada Mod Center, we designed and certified a Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics system in a Cessna 550 aircraft.