Regional airlines are an important part of our transportation ecosystem. Your operations feed the hub and spoke system and are often the only viable transportation link to, from, and between our northern communities.

Whether your goal is to add new passenger services, adhere to aviation authority mandates, or maintain your aircraft day-to-day we can help with the right certification for your needs and budget.

Our 25+ years of experience encompasses the widest spectrum of aircraft modernizations from the flight deck to the cabin and beyond.

See how we can help you:

Metroliner III Garmin 950 Glass Cockpit

Troublesome, aging avionics and instruments can mean lost operational efficiency. They can be difficult to repair which means they can also erode safety. This extensive cockpit retrofit solved many issues for our regional airline client.

Beechcraft 1900 - FDR

Changing operational requirements can be challenging, making existing flight deck equipment non-compliant. This is how we helped our Beechcraft 1900 client obtain compliance.

DHC 8 Dual Battery Engine Start

Operating aircraft in the far North of Canada has challenges not seen elsewhere. This Dash-8 operator’s battery was often too depleted for the engine start to complete. We engineered a way to tie in the secondary battery for more reliable starts on cold winter mornings.