The Challenge

Extend the life of a Boeing 737-200 with updated EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) again.

The operator of this aircraft flies Boeing 737-200’s because of its ability to land on gravel runways. While these aircraft are popular in the Canadian North, the avionics are aging and becoming hard to support.

Our Approach

Work with the aging aircraft modernization experts and our partner, Mid-Canada Mod Center, to extend the life of this 737-200 for a second time.

We had upgraded the flight deck of this operator’s aircraft about 20 years ago. Decades and thousands of flight hours later, it was once again time for a flight deck upgrade.

The Solution

20 years ago, we developed an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for the Collins Aerospace FDS2000 system.

Years and many flight-hours later, the FDS2000 system we installed was being sunset. To keep enhance safety and operational efficiency, while giving these 737-200 aircraft more usable life, we designed and engineered a Universal Avionics EFI 890 flight deck for the aircraft.

The Result

These aircraft are still providing reliable service for the operator, with several enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Added operational efficiency,
  • Augmented operational safety,
  • Better access to remote airfields, and
  • Ability to use the latest RNAV approach aids to land in lower weather conditions that were previously difficult.

In this case, we really have been there, done that and got the T-shirt.