We work with our partners like Mid-Canada Mod Center  and Inflight Canada  to update and reconfigure aircraft from classic Boeings to some of the latest two aisle aircraft.

Avionics Upgrades.  Passenger services.  Entertainment.  Interior reconfiguration. Repairs.

We can handle your small but important jobs too, like harmonizing the EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) callouts across your Airbus fleet.

No job is too small or too large, and we’re enthusiastic about helping you achieve your goals.

777-200 LOPA Change

At ADS, we have relationships with avionics manufacturers and aviation authorities around the world. We engaged our European DOA partner and a client who manufactures Passenger Service Systems to modernize this Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

Airbus A310 FANS - ATN-B1

Older aircraft like the Airbus A310 must be upgraded to meet changing avionics requirement. At ADS, we develop innovative, cost-effective solutions to give aging aircraft a new lease on life.


With thousands of flight hours and a couple of decades between upgrades, we’ve extended the usable life of a Canadian operator’s Boeing 737-200 fleet, not once, but twice.