We live and breathe avionics engineering, design and certification. We offer a wide range of services and can help you obtain Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), Technical Standard Orders (TSO), and Repair Design Approvals (RDA) for your aircraft. We have complete design packages for interior completions, flight deck upgrades, passenger services, and more.

We’ll work with you from start to finish.

Interior Furnishings

Let us take care of the certifications for your interior furnishing refurb.

Structures Modifications & Repairs

Whatever the damage to your aircraft: external skin, bulkheads, stringers. We can help. We handle major and minor repairs, and also everyday needs such as bulkhead penetrations.

Glass Cockpit Upgrades

Older aircraft benefit tremendously from glass cockpit modernizations. There are weight savings to be had, and overall enhanced functionality for pilots, offering increased safety. Let us help modernize your aging flight deck.

Surveillance (TCAS & ADS-B)

From the simplest MOPS 7.1 upgrade to the latest ADS-B solutions. As the company that certified the first ever TCAS systems in Canada, we can certainly help enhance safety in your aircraft flight deck.


FANS-1/A and CPDLC technologies allow you to fly more efficient routes while strengthening safety in the flight deck. We’ve certified systems from aviation’s leading equipment manufacturers including SD Avionics, Latitude, Universal Avionics and more.

Cabin Avionics

Cabin avionics certifications for the broadest range of aircraft in service. We’ve certified communications, lighting and other systems from aviation’s most respected manufacturers. We have an STC for your aircraft.

Wi-Fi & TPED Qualification

Inflight connectivity and passengers bringing their devices onboard is now the norm. Operators and owners trust us to find cost effective ways to certify connectivity systems. We have the equipment and experience to get the job done right.

Environmental Qualification

You’ve worked hard to create your new product, and maybe even harder to update your old one. You need thoughtful, knowledgeable expertise to ensure your product is ready to command your target market.