Special mission aircraft have challenging remits. Luckily, and by design, they are a key aviation segment we service.

Whether your platform requires FLIR, Microwave down or up links, camera mounts, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) interiors, or flight deck refurbishments. You name it, we will do it.

Take a look at how we’ve helped these special missions operators.


At ADS we truly appreciate a challenge. We’ve worked with aircraft operating in unique, harsh conditions for years. This DHC 7 operator had some very particular requirements for flying their aircraft in the Antarctic.

Piston Twin - Suite

Small, light aircraft have their own challenges when it comes to adding specialized equipment and capabilities. This operator’s small twin piston aircraft was no exception.

PC-12 LifePort System

Sometimes manufacturers can’t offer an STC for every aircraft type. At ADS we understand this conundrum, but we can also help you achieve your goals. Not having an STC from the manufacturer isn’t always a dead end.