Domestic approvals are our bread and butter.

Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and serialized STCs are the bulk of our work. We don’t just focus on Avionics. We work on structural modifications, interior completions, cargo hooks, MX12 Cameras, seat re-pitching, passenger services, and software too. The list is endless. We serve commercial (airlines and regional airlines), business, special missions, and rotary wing owners and operators to help them maintain flightworthiness.

The list of avionics systems we have certified is essentially endless. If it has a wire on it, we have probably done it.

The list of aircraft types is just as long: from normal category and transport category, both fixed and rotary wing.

We handle all types of STCs from foreign national, to European national, to non-agreement states and no Canadian type certificate.

We also certify software. For example, an operator came to us because they wanted their old Airbus to navigate in True rather than Magnetic. With the help of our partner modifiers at Mid-Canada Mod Center and our contract DAR (Designated Engineering Representative), we helped them achieve this goal. The project involved changing some data on the ARINC 429 bus to the EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System), which also required software with a Level A Design Assurance. It was all in a day’s work.

If it is type certified in Canada, we have probably done an STC on it. And if it not, we may have done one through our foreign associates. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients get to where they need to be.

Foreign National Approvals

Aside from the normal path of familiarizing Canadian approvals in jurisdictions like the United States and Europe, we have also dealt with aviation authorities in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Peru, Australia, The United Arab Emirates, San Marino, Russia and more. Airlines, regional airlines, business, special missions, and rotary wing owners and operators trust the ADS team to certify modifications effectively and efficiently.

European National Approvals

EASA is a certification authority covering many, many countries. There is more than one way to achieve what’s required.

Our client possessed an EASA STC but their aircraft owner in Amsterdam had special requirements. The changes needed were too extensive to qualify for an EASA minor modification, but they couldn’t afford the delay a revision to the current EASA STC would entail. To say our experience with EASA is extensive is an understatement. Following in-depth research, we discovered a method to save our client time, AND obtain the certification required: Dutch national STC. Never heard of it? Neither had we until we achieved it one for our clients, saving time and solving the problem.

Non-Agreement States

We’ve familiarized so many Canadian Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) with so many different country authorities, we really understand their requirements and have also worked with a range of non-agreement states. Here’s an example:

This client had a Canadian STC. Their client operated an Airbus that was registered in the Republic of San Marino, a microstate surrounded by Italy. Unfortunately, TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) and San Marino did not have reciprocal agreements. Harnessing our vast experience with aviation authorities around the globe, we worked with the San Marino Civil Aviation Authority (Aircraft Registry) to solve the problem. We developed the appropriate documentation in compliance with the San Marino CAA, to obtain a San Marino STC. The result? A certified modification.

No Canadian Type Certificate

Need a certification on an aircraft not certified in Canada? We’ll work with our DOA partner network to help you achieve the STC you need. Here’s an example of how we helped a client achieve their requirement.

This particular aircraft operator wanted to do an STC on an aircraft in France. The aircraft was not type certified in Canada. We worked with our DOA partners in Europe and obtain the EASA STC for this client. Once again, problem solved.