At ADS, we pride ourselves on getting our clients from where they are to where they want to be. Whatever your challenge, we’ll dig until we locate the problem and then solve it! Here are a few examples of annoying problems we’ve solved for our clients.

FMS - Where is it Going Now?

Where is it Going Now? Possibly some of the most common five words spoken by pilots as they struggle with their FMS (Flight Management System). Those thoughts must have been on the minds of the crew of a mid-sized turboprop after they loaded the approach into the airport where they intended to drop off the aircraft for maintenance.

False Wheel Well and Wing Overheat Warnings

An older twin engine turboprop was known for posting false overheat warnings that meant there was either a wheel well fire or a serious (450F) overheating in an air duct in the leading edge of the wing. Both are very serious conditions requiring immediate action.

Gulfstream G200 Frame Damage

This aircraft was down for a cabin communications upgrade, but as it happened a mistake occurred and the frame ended up with a few holes – one right through the edge of the frame. Our expertise in such repairs, even under a tight deadline, got this aircraft wheels-up on time.

Autoland Restrictions

Our deep knowledge of aging aircraft systems permits us to solve seemingly unsolvable problems, like this aircraft’s difficulties with Autoland. It’s a difficult challenge that we helped resolve for our client.