Apple iPad STC Available for Dash 8 and Boeing 737 Series of Aircraft

Transport Canada and FAA Certifications Available

TORONTO — 5 JAN 2021— ADS’s popular Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is available for Dash 8 and Boeing 737 Series of Aircraft. The product allows an Apple iPad to be installed in the flight deck to provide Electronic Flight Bag capabilities.

“Our EFB kit is ideal for Boeing 737 aircraft types and Dash 8s, and since we first certified this kit, we’ve made some improvements,” said Bob Gow, president of ADS. “The STC now includes the Mid-Continent Instruments TA202 Dual USB Charging Port, which makes the installation simpler and lighter.”

To ensure safe operation of the installed iPad in-flight, the TA202 has undergone DO-160 environmental testing and for additional safety ADS performed MIL-217 reliability analysis on the charger. The kit includes the mounting arm with iPad holder, wiring, and charging unit, plus the STC.

“We have also redesigned the EFB kit for the Dash 8 Series 100/200/300/400 aircraft, which dramatically lowers the cost and increases flexibility,” Gow continued. “We have added a Class 1 option as well for those who do not want a Class 2 installation.

For Dash 8 installations, the iPad holder has been changed to a universal type from MyGoFlight that is adaptable to various iPad sizes including the iPad Mini and iPad Air. This new configuration also accommodates protective cases, plus the power supply has been updated to the True Blue TA202 series providing additional charging power for the iPad 3.

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