CATALIN VOICU, P.Eng., Vice President, Engineering and DAO Manager

Catalin Voicu is a licensed professional engineer with close to 40 years of experience in the aviation industry. He joined ADS in 2001 as a project engineer and worked on most of the company’s national and international projects.

After graduating in the mid-1980s from the Faculty of Aerospace at the Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, he joined Romanian helicopter manufacturer IAR Brasov as a design and product engineer in the electrical and avionics department. Excelling for more than 15 years at the company, Catalin ultimately took on the program quality manager position being deeply involved in a comprehensive retrofit of Military Puma helicopters. Developing the quality process plan, verifying, witnessing and accepting all equipment qualification and system certification tests of equipment manufacturer Elbit, Israel, he successfully delivered the prototype and first two helicopters to the Romanian Air Force.

After graduating from the TCCA certification course in 2006, Catalin became a delegate of the newly approved ADS DAO. Since then, he has helped expand the company’s international relationships, particularly with EASA. He became a compliance verification expert for an EASA DOA and conducted ADS standalone approvals with other foreign civil aviation authorities. In 2010 he became the Vice President, Engineering and since March 2021 he is the DAO Manager.