Wi-Fi and TPED (Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices) are now commonplace on newer aircraft, but aging aircraft can also support such technology. We certify and have STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) for a wide range of aircraft types, from business to commercial to helicopters. Our connectivity experts and specialized equipment ensure that tests are efficient and done right the first time.

Here’s how we’ve served aircraft owners and operators just like you.

Business Jet

TPED Certification: Business jet passengers just expect to bring their devices on board and use them in flight. We helped this late model aircraft owner certify a cabin Wi-Fi router in record time.

Boeing 737

Boeing 737 Classis Wi-Fi Certification: Our network of lab test partners allows us to streamline testing your aircraft. We helped this Boeing 737 Classic operator obtain an STC for Inflight Entertainment delivered by Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi Certification: Realtime connectivity and inflight Wi-Fi on helicopters is rapidly becoming a must have. We helped this operator certify it.