The Challenge

Inflight entertainment on a fleet of Classic Boeing 737s.

This operator runs a fleet of Classic Boeing 737s, flying both scheduled and charter passenger flights to the Arctic. They wanted to use a simple carry-on VOD (Video on Demand) system to provide Inflight Entertainment, via Wi-Fi, to their passengers.

Our Approach

Working with one of our many test-lab partners, we organized the appropriate tests, to provide a cost-effective operator-owned STC.

The Solution

We tested full airframe front and back doors, which took about 48 hours to complete. We partner with labs all over the world, including one in your area.

The Result

The operator offers easy to access IFE on every flight.  Additionally, they own the STC, which allows them to add more 737 Classic airframes to their fleet, and provide entertainment with no additional STC fees.